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Who is Kelvin Shaw?
Kelvin Shaw is highly respected and has been preparing, laying and specifying seamless floors in the industry for approx 20 years including:

• roll coat
• trowel
• self levelling
• cementious levelling
• grouts and repairs
• waterproofing
• two pack polyurethane spraying
• painting
• curing compounds
• synthetic running surfaces and tennis courts

Kelvin currently lives in Brisbane, Australia and has contacts in the industry Australia wide. Kelvin Shaw's All About Floors can estimate and specify any project within Australia. Kelvin can also act as an impartial mediator in any disputes arising between your company, applicators and/or suppliers.

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What qualifications and experience
does Kelvin have?

20 years application and approved
applicator for all major manufacturers
of epoxy products.

Kelvin's experience:

Repaired track at the Gold Coast
Indy 1990 - Current

Developed a formula for the specific
requirements of 'quick curing' epoxy
between races. This formula has been
used since the first race.

Repaired track at the Canberra
Circuit 2000 & 2001 - V8 Supercars
Repaired degraded surface over a five
day period to ensure smooth running of
V8 Supercar race.

Laid running track at ANZ Stadium
& Tennis Courts in Singapore

Specialised product used - polyurethane
resins and rubber granules. All laid to
International Athletic Standards.

Commercial Kitchens, Abattoirs,
Supermarkets, Sugar Refineries & Dairies.

Non-slip floors to DPI (Department of
Primary Industry) Standards.

Prisons & Police Lockups

Self levelling epoxy.

Seamless polyurethane finish.

Designer floors.

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