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Our philosophy is simple.
You DESIGN it, we CREATE it.
The versatility of our product is only limited by your imagination. So we encourage you to use your imagination or ours to design a floor to suit your specifications.

Traditionally, epoxy floors have had a range of standard colours and have mainly been used for areas "back of house" due to the "boring" look of the product.

Kelvin Shaw's All About Floors have taken epoxy resins to the next stage of development and have designer finishes to suit any décor.

This is especially so for our clients in the retail industry. Our most popular floors are our metallic looks [aluminium, bronze and copper] but even though these are popular we are not limited by them. Example; "Candy at the Fair" Floor was a pastel pink with white swirls. The sales girls and the customers at a Ladies Clothing store love it. We loved it too but then again we are a little biased.

One of the advantages epoxy has over a lot of products on the market is the fact that the colour and style can be changed right in front of your eyes. Maybe a little more blue? Would you like more depth? Less Depth? Or would you like us to use our already demonstrated creative talents and surprise you?

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