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What are epoxy floors?
Epoxy is a resinous material consisting of a base resin and a hardener. When these two products are mixed, a chemical reaction occurs causing the resins to cure to a hard plastic like finish.

What are the advantages of epoxy floors?
Epoxy flooring is ideally suited for all floor types.
Being seamless and bonded direct to the substrate, it is the ideal product to use in any situation.

What areas are best suited to epoxy floors?
Commercial kitchens, Bar areas, Ablution blocks, Warehousing, domestic situations; anywhere you require a durable coating.

How do I maintain my epoxy floor?

Maintenance is easy. A mop over with a mild detergent will keep your floor looking like new. In a commercial situation where there are floor drains, a broom over and hose is all that this required.


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