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Slips, trips and falls. It happens all the time and we hate it. The Department of Industrial Relations (Queensland) have their top ten reasons as to why people slip, trip and fall on floors. The top two on their list of offenders both relate to the slipperiness/ unevenness and unsuitability of the floor type. That's why Kelvin Shaw's All About Floors is so successful when it comes to non-slip floors.

Currently, there are three main types of safety floors
on the market:
1. Non-slip ceramic tiles;
2. Non-slip sheet vinyl; and
3. Epoxy.

Non-slip ceramic tiles and non-slip vinyls are restricted by manufacturing methods to the degree of non-slip available. However, by using epoxy resins, we can create and control non-slip finishes by using different degrees of non-slip from the finest sands up to large 5mm crushed aggregate. So essentially, we control the texture of the final finish and don't rely on pre-manufactured floors (ceramic tiles and sheet vinyl).

Traditionally, epoxy floors have had a range of standard colours and have mainly been used for areas "back of house" due to the "boring" look of the product. Kelvin Shaw's All About Floors have taken epoxy resins to the next stage of development and have designer finishes to suit any décor. Our systems allow for our unique designer floors to have a non-slip rating up to R13 and can be coved to walls to help maintain the look of your easy to clean floor.

Call 0481 299 885 because the only thing that should be on your floor is our epoxy and your feet and not your backside.



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